Why do basketballcoaches wear suits and ties? Simple!

When it comes to basketball coaches in professional leagues, there are many things that people want to know such as salaries, coaching styles, game records,… However, among fans that are new to the sport, there is a common debate: Why do basketball coaches wear suits and ties in a match? Some point to the current dress code of the NBA as the cause behind the practice while others say that the coaches simply follow traditions. In the end, what makes the majority of basketball coaches to don ties and suits before heading to the court?      

So you are unable to come up with an answer to the question of “why do basketball coaches wear suits and ties while directing matches”? If that happens to be the case, this article got some interesting information for you. Down below, you would be provided with everything you need to keep in mind about basketball coaches and their clothing choices in an NBA game.  Generally speaking, different coaches have different things in the wardrobe but on the court, most of them choose to stick with a particular set that fit specific needs and requirements.

The History Of The Suits – Ties Combo In Professional Games

why do basketballcoaches wear suits and ties
why do basketballcoaches wear suits and ties

Historically, with the exception of baseball coaches, coaches of every professional sport used to wear suits and ties to games. So what motivated coaches in the old days to went with that style of clothing? The reason is straightforward: To show who is in charge. Similar to directors in companies, coaches have to tackle a variety of essential issues to secure successes for their team. As a result, it’s natural for sport coaches in the last century to give out directions in a match while wearing suits and ties. So how come the only ones that put on such attire nowadays are basketball coaches?

As time passes by, people eventually notice that it’s exhausting to dress in suits and ties, especially if you are coaching in the outdoors. Things proceed just fine in cool conditions but once the surrounding temperature increase, it might be unbearable with that much fabrics all over the body. Therefore, modern-day coaches of outdoor sports switch to sportswear so they could work comfortably.  Besides the heat, league regulations play a part in the abandoning of suits and ties. For instance, the NFL requires all coaches in the league to wear clothes that could be bought from team stores.

So after a while, only coaches of basketball teams are able to uphold the traditional practice of coming to the match with suits and ties.  Since professional basketball leagues take place indoors, the temperature is less than a problem nowadays. In addition to that, the dress code of the NBA seems fairly lax about clothing. From 2005, on the bench players in the NBA must wear a sport coat and for coaches, a necktie is necessary. That is why the average basketball coaches still come to the match with suits and ties till this very day.

Not All Basketball Coaches Put On That Kind Of Attire

Why do basketball coaches wear suits and ties while directing? Because they follow tradition and the dress code of the league let them do so.  The indoor condition allows the coaches to perform to their maximum ability with relative ease. Nonetheless, not everyone shares the sentiment and many coaches wear clothes that match their preferences.  Bob Huggins, the coach of West Virginia Mountaineers, goes with a pullover in his games. Another example is Ron Hunter, the coach of Georgia State Panthers, who put on a mock turtleneck while giving directions.    

Top Reasons Why Basketball Coaches Ditch The Suits And Ties

why do basketballcoaches wear suits and ties

  • “I Feel More Comfortable Now”  

When it comes to the question of “why do basketball coaches wear suits and ties“, there are lots of explanations. But if you have to ask why basketball coaches put on casual clothing nowadays, the most common answer is “to increase the level of comfort”. Although temperatures inside indoor courts remain fairly bearable in most of the cases, basketball coaches have to move, strategize and shout from time to time. As a result, quite a few coaches conclude it’s best to perform their functions on the court without having to wear ties and suits.

  • “I Think It Is Unhealthy”

Every people know about the heavy pressures that basketballers have to face on the court but in reality, the coaches fare no better on average. A split second instruction from the coaches might permanently change the flow of the match so it’s quite common for them to get stressed. Imagine you are already stressed and have to give out complex directions in heated games while wearing suits and ties. It goes without saying that if you have to wear such a restraint type of clothing under heavy stress, you definitely are going to snap.

  • “I Simply Hate That Attire ”

Old time coaches consider the suits and ties as symbols of power but few modern-day coaches think like that. In fact, a lot of coaches nowadays hate to put on formal clothes while directing a match in professional leagues. Such people care about neither the level of comfort nor the effects of the practice to their health, they simply hate the suits and ties. Coaches that belong to this group often prefer to go with specific styles of clothes that suit their fashion senses.

basketballcoaches dont wear suits and ties

Current Trends On The Court

Although there are still a lot of coaches that don suits and ties in matches, the trend of dressing down is on the rise lately. In fact, there are a couple of veteran coaches that switch to other clothing after wearing traditional attire for years. Instead of the stiff suits and ties, more and more people in the NBA feel the need to put on something that shows their characteristics. So while the practice of wearing suits and ties should not disappear anytime, the number of coaches that go with their own set of clothes is increasing little by little.