Why Are Basketball Players So Tall: Comprehensive Analyses From Experts

Generally speaking, you don’t have to be extremely tall to make it in the NBA: Tyrone Bogues, Earl Boykins and Anthony Webb are all successful players with humble heights. That being said, scouts specifically look for tall young talents because they have their reasons. Tall players are more likely to reach the basket of the opponent, take care of rebounds and block incoming shots. But why are basketball players so tall these kinds of days? It could not be all about genetics, right? Is it true that playing basketball increase a person’s height?  

In the case you are searching around for answers to questions mentioned above, you have come to the right place. This article would provide you with everything you need to solve the mystery behind the ridiculous height of NBA players. Once you manage to get the hang of the basics, it’s a breeze to tackle the question of “why are basketball player so tall?”. Overall, people that play in the NBA are still humans, they simply take advantage of a couple of factors in order to acquire their height. With knowledge, you might be able to do the same.

The Height Of NBA Players

If you are an avid fan, you must have noticed that there are a lot of players with heights around 6’6″.  Some of such players are naturally tall thanks to genetics but the rest have to obey a strict diet, train rigorously and perform multiple exercises to reach their current height. Actively pursuing a career in the NBA is a full-time commitment that requires the involvements of various aspect of the life of the players. As a result, besides natural gifts, the majority of players must work hard on/off the court to achieve successes.

But could people gain fame in the NBA if they are a bit short? Sure. However, it’s essential to point out that most scouts tend to pass over players with heights below 6′ unless there is something else worth considering. For your information, the average height of players in the NBA nowadays ranges from 6’1″ (for Point Guard) to 6’9″ (for Center). Hence, if you want to play in the NBA as a short player, you have to show the scouts that you are capable of outperforming taller candidates in regard to pass, defense, intercept and more.  

So it’s common for scouts to prioritize tall players? If you truly understand the nature of basketball, you would surely know that NBA scouts have to treat height as one of the decisive factors. Why are NBA players so tall? Because if a particular team wants to get on top, it needs to hire players that could reach the basket, secure points and also prevent the opponent from scoring. Tall players simply have better odds at accomplishing such goals compared to short players, especially if you take the height of the hoop into account.

Getting The Ideal Height: Secrets

How are basketball players so tall? Most NBA players don’t get to be so tall just by sitting idly. In fact, the players resort to multiple methods in order to increase their overall height. Here are a couple of ways that people in the NBA tend to utilize to get a boost in growth.

  • Intensive, Well-Planned Training Schedules

Virtually every player in the NBA trains daily to maintain performance, some train up to 6 hours per day all week. Regular training allows people to steadily improve physical stamina, refine playing techniques and most important of all, stimulate muscle growth. That is why if you pick up basketball at an early age, you could expect to be quite tall in later years of your life. However, playing basketball alone might be inadequate when it comes to maximizing your growth potentials. Therefore, NBA players prefer to pair training with other methods.

  • Exercise, Exercise And More Exercise

To increase their height, players in the NBA often go through a lot of stretching exercises in between the matches. Needless to say, the result rarely comes overnight which is why the players must be patient, consistent and hard working. One of the most common exercises practices by players is swimming as it stretches the body in a natural way. While swimming, people have to put their hands as well as their legs to work which boost the overall height. Aside from swimming, Yoga is a popular choice since you could get into position anywhere.   

  • Taking In Height Stimulant Supplements

When the question of “how are basketball players so tall” comes up, there are all kinds of answers out there but specialized supplements tend to be among the top opinions. Professional players receive astonishingly high salaries from their team so it’s plausible that they could afford premium grade height stimulant on a regular basis. People talk about things such as steroids, human growth hormones and so on but nowadays, there are many safer alternatives. To outperform others and gain fame, some NBA players might still take risks after all.        

Top 3 Frequently Asked Question About The Height Of NBA Players

  • How tall is the tallest player in the NBA history?

At a height of 7’7, Gheorghe Muresan, a Romania-born player, is acknowledged as the tallest basketballer in the NBA history. From 1993 to 1997, Muresan played for Washington Bullets. Once the contract expired, he joined New Jersey Nets and played from 1998 to 2000.

  • What is the best position for a short NBA player?

Tyrone Bogues, one of the shortest players drafted into the NBA at 5’3″, made a name for himself playing as the point guard for Charlotte Hornets. Hence, you could say that for short basketball players as a whole, it’s a good idea to aim at the position of point guard.  Of course, your success relies largely on your own skill.

  • Is being tall always offers benefits in conventional basketball matches?    

It’s true that if you have a height advantage over your opponent on the court, you could easily manipulate the flow of the game. You still have to focus on your techniques if you want to get the most of out of your height.