Vert shock review – Is it work for basketball players?

In the world of basketball, the vertical leap is widely considered to be one of the most fundamentals qualities that players must work on continuously. Not only jumping higher let you dunk over the head of opposing players but also allows you to block, shoot, catch rebounds,…without much difficulty. To help basketballers improve their vertical leap, Adam Folker, a standout player from Canada, create the prominent Vert Shock Program. But though searching for a Vert Shock review, people often run into clashing ideas about the result of the program.

Wish to try out the Vert Shock Program but worry that it might be a waste of money after all? If that is so, you come to the right place.  Down below, you would be provided with everything you have to keep in mind about the program designed by Adam Folker from payment to effectiveness. Generally speaking, different basketballers have different potentials which mean what you could gain from Vert Shock depend largely on you. Hence, read through the following information carefully to decide if you should get the program.  

A Summary Of Vert Shock

To put it simply, Adam Folker base the Vert Shock Program on factual sciences which have seen extensive uses in various sport programs for decades. He simply fine tunes the well-founded principles so they meet specific aspects of basketball. Overall, the 8-week-long program targets the fast twitch muscles on your legs through intensive, plyometric exercises so they could “fire” faster on the court. Although reports vary, Vert Shock seems to offer an increase between 9 and 15 inches to the vertical leap of most participants.  

At first glance, a lot of people treat the Vert Shock Program as a scam that is similar to “Lose 20 pounds in 5 days”, “Earn millions from home, no risks involved”,…In fact, though the benefit offered by Vert Shock appear somewhat unreal, they still stay within the realm of possibility. Moreover, Adam Folker put together the program using experiences obtained while working with NBA stars like Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis…  As a result, Vert Shock is kept as realistic as possible so you have nothing to worry about at all.

“So is Vert Shock just a one-and-done thing?” Some basketball players ask themselves. Well, people that decide to go through the program a second time often report noticeable increases in their vertical leap.  Despite the fact that such gains tend to be not nearly as much as what basketballers get from the first time, they nonetheless prove useful. In most of the case, the effects of Vert Shock should remain around long after the participants drop the program. To maintain the new-found jump height, basketball players simply have to stay in shape.

Signing Up For The Program

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 14: LeBron James #6 of the USA Men’s Senior National Team dunks at the DC Armory during USA Men’s Senior National Team training camp at on July 14, 2012 in Washington, DC. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2012 NBAE (Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Though the Vert Shock Program itself is a breeze for people to follow, the purchase experience might cause some frustrations. As with other digital products nowadays, the program of Adam Folker comes with different add-on offers that seem irrelevant. Participants have to click through 3 add-on offers before they could reach the actual program. Although such offers only add a couple of clicks at best in most cases, basketballers think of them as nuisances. Furthermore, you have to pay additional money if you included the offers into your purchase.   

In term of equipment, Vert Shock requires some inexpensive gym items that you could get everywhere nowadays such as medicine balls, box platforms, foam rollers,…  

The Structure Of Vert Shock

As mentioned above, Vert Shock Program last for 8 weeks and it’s usually divided into 3 primary phases: pre-shock phase (Week 1), shock phrase (Week 2 –Week 7) and post-shock phrase (Week 8).

  • Pre-Shock Phase (Week 1)

In the first week of Vert Shock Program, you have the chance to accustom your body to the workouts that await in the upcoming weeks. Hence, the goal of the pre-shock phase is to let you get a feel of the water by preparing your muscles for intensive exercise.  That being said, certain participants of the program notice that they already achieved slightly higher records for their vertical leap at the conclusion of Week 1. Such gains revolve around 1 – 3 inches but they are promising starts. Don’t feel down if you fail to gain anything as it’s the beginning.

Normally, you have to train 6 out of 7 days in Week 1, you would rest on Day 4.

  • Shock Phrase (Week 2 –Week 7)

The bulk of Vert Shock Program shall take place between Week 2 and Week 7 in which you train for 4 – 5 days/week. In other days in the weeks, you rest and recover.

For most of the time, you are going to work on your fast-twitch muscles through a series of exercises that strengthen the muscle fibers. In case you know virtually nothing about them, such muscles play a vital role in explosive movements including vertical jumps. To optimize your performance on the court, it’s of utmost importance that you don’t slack off while performing the exercises in the program. Vert Shock just gives you the tools, it’s up to you to put the tools to good use by investing your times and efforts.

In the case things go smoothly, you should be able to increase your vertical leap by 5 – 8 inches after finishing Week 7.

  • Post-Shock Phrase (Week 8)

Week 8 of Vert Shock Program is specifically designed to fortify gains from the previous phrase and let the muscles recover. Considering the fact that you are at the end of the program, there is a chance that you might not see any more growth here. However, if you follow the guidelines provided by Vert Shock, it’s highly likely that you would feel satisfied with the result at this point.

Maintenance Phrase (Optional)

Even NBA stars could experience considerable drops in performance if they don’t practice regularly. So if you want to preserve your recently achieved vertical leap then you have to go through the maintenance phrase. The phrase consists of a total of 3 different workouts that you need to perform at least once a week after the conclusion of Vert Shock. Since you must work hard to acquire the gain in vertical leap, it’s strongly recommended that you keep going through the maintenance phrase every week to preserve your performance.  

Must Know Strong Points And Drawbacks Of Vert Shock Program

What Is Awesome About It

  • Compared to other programs, the most prominent advantage of Vert Shock is that it provides the participants with comprehensive instructions. A lot of programs nowadays seem to be only interested in selling the equipment and let you figure out how to put the pieces together. You don’t have to face that kind of troubles with the program from Adam Folker as it comes with everything you need to reach the finish line by yourself. Principles, exercises,….of  Vert Shock Program are all designed with emphasis on details so it’s a breeze to follow.
  • Certain programs have excellent foundations on paper but unfortunately, their executions leave many things to be desired: low-quality video guide, hard to comprehend presentation,… Adam Folker invests heavily into Vert Shock in order to ensure that such issues would not occur in his program. Even people that are relatively new to basketball shall have an easy time following Vert Shock Program and its ideas. That is why regardless of what you are able to do on the court, the programs could always offer benefits.
  • You should be to exercise in your house, there is no need to hit the gym, court and so on.

What Is Not So Awesome

  • It’s simple to conclude that the purchase process of Vert Shock Program requires overhauls. The add-on offers not only complicate the process but also increase the final price. Normally, the retail price of Vert Shock stays below $100 but if you accidentally include the offers into your purchase, the acquisition cost could rise considerably. For the average unsuspecting basketballers, there might be unnecessary expenses. Adam should consider revamping the purchase process to simplify things for potential Vert Shock participants.
  • Vert Shock is an online program which is why you could only access its training content while having Internet connections. It should be less than a problem if you stay at home but in the case you are traveling, connection difficulty is a possible challenge. There is an app version of Vert Shock Program in development but it still in the early stage so you must wait for some times. Until the Vert Shock app come out, you have to train in locations that let you go to the Internet.


Vert Shock Is A Wise Investment By All Accounts

Despite the fact that there are minor drawbacks here and there, Vert Shock Program offer values that totally worth the money you spend on it. So does Vert Shock work?  Well, it’s true that there are many negative reviews regarding the actual result of the program from Adam Folker. Nonetheless, people universally agree that the program indeed increases the vertical leap of the participants. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that Vert Shock works and if you want to jump higher while playing basketball nowadays, you should sign up for the program if possible.