How Much Do NBA Waterboys Make On Average: Insight Looks

With the involvement of billions dollars worth of sponsorships, commercial deals and merchandise endorsements, it’s no surprise that the NBA offers some of the highest salaries on the planet. Generally speaking, the annual earning of players, coaches, referees,… in the NBA exceed the average occupations by a wide margin. But as the media concentrate on the income of people that make direct contributions, positions like waterboys receive negligible attention. So how much do NBA waterboys make on average annually? Is it high as well?

Curious about the median pay of waterboys in the NBA? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article could show you everything that you should remember about NBA waterboys from their salaries to prospects of employment. In addition to that, you would be provided with a quick guide on how to apply for the position too. Overall, waterboys in the NBA earn way more money than most of their colleagues in high school and college leagues. Nonetheless, as with other jobs in the NBA, all waterboys need to excel at work.  

Working As A Waterboy: Overviews

Before we actually get into how much do NBA waterboys make nowadays, it’s a good idea to take a good look at their work.  After you manage to grasp what waterboys in the NBA have to perform, you should be able to better understand the value of their pay.

It’s highly likely that the first thing that comes to your mind after the word waterboys come up is people that take care of menial chores in sport teams. Tasks such as handling out beverages, keeping the luggage, washing towels and others are the responsibilities of waterboys in general. Normally, to work as waterboys means you have to handle a lot of duties in return for virtually inconsequential compensations. In fact, the majority of waterboys in low-level/amateur leagues accept the position because they want to offer support.  

However, at top-tier leagues, the usual assignments of waterboys go far beyond simple errands. Waterboys must actively assist the players when it comes to exercise, rehab and so on.  Because of that, it’s imperative for professional teams to employ waterboys that know their way around medicine, training facilities,… Considering the goal of keeping the staff compact, various managers decide to hand over certain roles to a single person. Hence, you could say that being waterboys in the NBA requires more than the ability to deliver drinks on time.

Different teams have different methods to recruits the so-called waterboys into their crew and the NBA is no exception.  In most of the case, it’s advantageous for you to have prior athletic experience as people tend to prioritize candidates that already know how things work in the sport. Of course, having qualification in related fields would boost your chance of getting the position. Moreover, it’s strongly recommended that you take time to watch as many games as possible to memorize the ways to act on the court without getting into the way.  

Average Incomes Of NBA Waterboys

Although it’s universally agreed that the NBA offers fairly high salaries, the actual earning for a particular position varies greatly from team to team. For instance, top players are able to get up to $35,000,000 a season but some others barely break through the $100,000 mark. The same could be said about waterboys, the Boston Celtics offer $58,000 for the position and as you gain experience, it’s possible to receive $100,000 annually. Such a payment would not turn you into a millionaire overnight but it’s nonetheless nice these kinds of days.

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Applying For The Position Of Waterboy: Comprehensive Instructions For Enthusiasts

After learning how much do NBA waterboys make, you want to get into the business? In that case, here are a couple of hints you need to keep in mind. As with every job in the NBA, you need to prove that you could outperform other candidates to secure employment. Put the following hints to good use and who knows, you might successfully work as a waterboy in the NBA.  

  • Star With The Local Club

Most teams in the NBA could always use extra hands so if you want to be an NBA waterboy, drop by the local club first. Regarding selection procedures, you likely have to fill some forms that provide the team with your personal details such as experience, hobby, expertise and alike. Some clubs even go with big tryouts to quickly gather a large number of candidates.  In any case, it’s widely advised that you keep an eye for recruitment notice. Thoroughly assess the skills the team require and practice those skills as often as possible.

  • Take Advantage Of Your Connection

Know someone from the league? Then it’s high time that you utilize your connection. You don’t need to be acquainted with players, coaches and team managers, people in the office would be sufficient. Have your acquaintance introduce you to the club and go with the flow from there. You still have to work hard to increase your chance of being employed as the waterboy but to having inside help always facilitate the process. Get your job done, refrain from troubling other personnel and everything would turn out to be fine in the end.

  • Be Patient And Stay Focus

Needless to say, the working pace in the NBA often fluctuates from period to period so it’s best that you prepare well in advance. To some people, it gets kind of boring performing the same action over and over again but that help you refine your techniques and movement. The last thing you want to experience as a waterboy is to mess up in the middle of a game so don’t slack off. Keep your mind at what you are doing and you could expect to be rewarded for a job well done. For their work, waterboys receive small-time treats such as gears, tickets,…all the time.