Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 Reviews 2019 | Cheap & Comfortable

Considering the fact that basketball involves a lot of explosive movements, it’s of utmost importance that you prepare carefully before heading to the court. That means you need to warm your muscles, go through a couple of drills and of course, put on a solid pair of basketball shoes. There are various models of quality basketball shoes available for purchase on the market these kinds of days but what if you only have around $100? Where do you need to look if you need the best basketball shoes under $100 now?

In the case that you are shopping for basketball shoes on a budget of $100 and could use a few recommendations, this article is for you. Down below, you would be introduced to some of the best basketball shoes under $100 nowadays including their features and reviews.  In addition to that, a comprehensive guide is provided as well to help you come up with a wise investment. As different people have different tastes, it’s widely advised that you prioritize your personal preferences while eyeing basket shoes.

Best Selling Basketball Shoes Under $100

1.Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid


  • Integrated Air Meshes
  • Grippy Rubber Outsole
  • Cloudfoam Midsole

Adidas is a famous name in the world of sport-related goods and Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid is another great product from the renown brand.  Light, comfortable and affordable, the model from Adidas is one of the best basketball shoes under $100 nowadays regarding all-around performance. Featuring a combination of leather and fabric, the shoe possesses excellent structural strength but still let you move around the court as you see fit. As the Adidas shoe utilizes a rugged mid-top design, ankle support is superb in most of the cases.

You want something that would not destroy the surface of the basketball court during matches? Then Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid is the shoe for you. Since the shoe boasts rubber soles, it should not leave skid marks all over the place as you constantly move up and down the court. In addition to that, the midsole of the shoes consists of Cloudfoam so you would feel well supported at all times thanks to the cushioning. Hence, you could play to your maximum abilities without having to worry about potential injuries.

In order to keep your feet ventilated, Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid incorporate a series of air meshes across its construction. Because of the improved airflows, your feet would have no trouble breathing in intense competitions. As a result, the skins of your feet rarely become sweaty if you put on the basketball shoe from Adidas. In fact, the breathability of the materials is so good that some review about the best basketball shoes under $150 also include Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid.


  • Skid-free soles
  • High quality cushioning
  • Commendable ventilation


  • Some customers report about detached soles
  • Quality control could definitely use improvement.

2. NIKE Men’s Air Versitile Nubuck


  • Padded Notch
  • Phylon Midsole
  • Breathable Meshes

Constructed from synthetic materials, NIKE Men’s Air Versitile Nubuck is fairly light for its size which delivers outstanding mobility. People that wear the shoes from NIKE could execute multiple explosive movements without much difficulty. Since the shoe boasts extensive webbings, it’s capable of containing your feet no matter what happens on the court. The presence of the padded Achilles let the shoes decrease the amount of pressure that your feet have to face so it’s possible to play for a long time before the fatigue kick in.

On the inside of the shoe is a bootie that composes of air meshes sandwich that works like a tongue. Therefore, the NIKE shoe shall provide your feet with a comfortable sock-like feel the moment you put in on. Furthermore, the meshes also promote the airflows that traverse the interiors of the shoe. Hence, your feet would be able to breathe without much difficulty regardless of the conditions. You never get the feeling that sweats could cover your feet on a hot day.

So as to keep everything stable, NIKE Men’s Air Versitile Nubuck use high-quality lightweight phylon for its midsole. Because of that, the risk of losing your footing while pulling drastic maneuvers is minimal.   Moreover, NIKE specifically designs the heel of its basketball shoe to sit lower than the top line of the midsole to further enhance overall stability. In term of traction, the rubber outsole of the shoe grip well on most playgrounds so there is no need to worry about slipping incidents.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Well built and rugged


  • The shipping service is mediocre
  • There are reports about air leakages

3. Under Armour Men’s NXT TB


  • TPU Coating
  • Asymmetrical, Hybrid Entry  
  • Intuitive Lacing System

A highly capable product, Under Armour Men’s NXT TB is a nice investment if you are looking around for the best basketball shoes under $80.  In addition to the fact that the shoe from Under Armour possesses a very stylish profile, it offers admirable values for its price as well. Using top-tier textile and synthetic, the shoe is able to take a lot of punishments but still remain intact. Basketball players that like no-nonsense shoes would love the Under Armour product as it relies on time-tested features.

The upper mesh of the Under Armour shoe receives a TPU coating to add additional structures which offer boosts to the strength of the materials.  In use, the medial quarter panel contributes much-needed support to your feet as you run, jump, shoot and others. Because the padding of the shoe proves pretty thick, it should help a lot with stability as you perform full force techniques in quick succession. Thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly lacing system, it’s a breeze to put on the shoes and take it off in a few moments.

As with other shoes designed for basketball players on the market, Under Armour Men’s NXT TB place emphasis on the breathability of the materials. That is why the shoe utilizes a light mesh tongue to facilitate the movement of airs which keep the space inside the shoes well ventilated. As for the rubber outsole, it should be able to tackle the majority of outdoor courts nowadays without much difficulty.


  • Durable materials
  • Straightforward usage
  • High level of comfort


  • The forefoot area should be redesigned  
  • The inner wall of the shoe occasionally cause blisters    

4. AND1 Men’s Tai Chi


  • Collar Foam
  • Asymmetric Panels
  • Abrasion-Resistant Outsole

Short on money but still wish to get quality shoes? Then you must check out AND1 Men’s Tai Chi.  Using 100% synthetic materials, the AND1 shoe is light on the feet which provide you with a high degree of mobility. The price varies between configurations but it’s acknowledged by multiple basketballers as among the best basketball shoes under 70 dollars. For people that don’t have a lot of money to spend on top-tier footwear, AND1 Men’s Tai Chi is definitely a fine option with its robust display.

Boasting patterned outstep as well as contrast laces, the shoes from AND1 score high in term of all-around aesthetic. The incorporation of asymmetric panels also gives the shoe a slick appearance on the court. As AND1 Men’s Tai Chi utilizes a traditional tongue construction, you should be able to move as you like after you put it on. For most of the times, it only takes around 2 weeks to break in the materials.  With the presence of high-quality collar foam, the shoe shall keep your feet comfortable as you go all out.

In order to offer additional support to your feet while playing basketball, the AND1 shoe employs injection-molded TPU shank. Due to that feature, the torsional rigidity of the shoe is marvelous compared to other products in the price range. For the outsole, AND1 Men’s Tai Chi resort to abrasion resistant rubber that grips fairly well but not to the point that there it would leave skid marks behind. As a result, you could wear the shoe in the average indoor court no trouble.


  • Excellent mobility
  • Good price for the values  
  • Many sizes and color choices


  • Somewhat tight
  • The lacing system is barely adequate  

5. Under Armour Men’s Jet


  • Reinforced Cushioning
  • Die-Cut EVA Sockliner
  • Leather And Textile Upper Combination

Designed to boost the performance of basketball players on the court, Under Armour Men’s Jet possesses a set of features that many people appreciate. Since the Under Armour shoe is made from leather and textile, the weight is pretty manageable and the strength of the structure proves outstanding too. In addition to that, the midfoot panel of the shoe utilizes meshes to deliver ventilation. Because of that, your feet should have an easy time breathing as you execute a series of physical-demanding maneuvers.

Sporting well-cushioned ankle collar, the shoe Under Armour minimizes the risk of ankle roll while increasing the level of comfort available to the feet. Besides that, the sockliner of the shoe compose of die-cut EVA so you could play extensively without feeling fatigue. To allow for a more responsive experience, Under Armour Men’s Jet use innovative compression molded EVA for the midsole. Therefore, your feet know exactly what is going on and could move as you wish.

When it comes to the ability to grip the underneath surface, the Under Armour shoe features rubber outsoles that provide good traction in most cases. Aside from the fact that the outsoles employ an efficient herringbone arrangement, a toe cap is also around to prevent toe drag from taking place. The features guarantee that you are able to stride confidently across the court without worrying about the risk of slipping. Although the traction of the shoe is aggressive, it should not produce marks so feel free to use it indoors.        


  • Well ventilated
  • Nice cushioning
  • Durable construction  


  • Inconsistent performance between products
  • The sizes don’t follow standard measurements  

6. Jordan Mens B.Fly


  • Rubber Tread
  • Lace-up Style
  • Textile Construction

With a design that emphasizes ventilation, Nike Jordan Mens B.Fly is the best choice on the market for people that care about breathability. Since the shoe from Nike uses a textile build, airflows could go in and out without running into significant obstructions. Due to the air movements, your feet rarely become hot and sweaty during physical exertions.  For less than $100, Nike Jordan Mens B.Fly offers you pretty much everything you ever need to successfully play basketball in a simple setup.

Instead of conventional laces, the Nike shoes boast a lace-up arrangement. Thanks to that, it’s a breeze to secure your feet and lock in the ankle. To keep you comfortable, Nike Jordan Mens B.Fly also relies on firm inner sleeves in order to give you a sock-like feel. Regarding the support, the Nike Zoom Air midsoles receive praises from numerous basketballers due to the high level of support it offers to the feel. As for the traction, the tread of the shoe holds well in most basketball courts.     

While Jordan Mens B.Fly scores high in term of performance, there are various compliments about its polished look. In fact, the Nike shoe looks so good that some people even buy it to use as daily casual footwear. That action truly talks a lot about the outstanding aesthetic value of the shoe in the eyes of other customers. Regardless of your attention once you decide to acquire it, Nike Jordan Mens B.Fly shall serve you well. Look after the shoe and it could last for a long time with relative ease.


  • Good stability
  • Nice tread pattern
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Limited configuration  
  • Mostly suitable for slim feet

7. Champion Men’s Inferno


  • Padded Collar
  • Ankle Pull Tab
  • Non-Marking Outsole

A fairly decent shoe for novice basketball players, Champion Men’s Inferno is one of the best basketball shoes under $100 at the entry-level category. Though the Champion shoe lacks features that serious basketballers require, it’s good enough for casual plays on the court. So if you need a pair of shoe that let you go through general workouts, Champion Men’s Inferno might just be what you need. For a few dozens of dollars, you could own the shoe which is much more affordable than first-class shoes.   

Boasting a convenient pull tab, the shoe from Champion allows you to put it on and take it off in a blink of an eye. Because of that, people that feel exhausted after intense drills shall find the shoe handy. Furthermore, the shoe possesses breathable mesh lining all over its body which means that ventilation is less than an issue for most of the time. So due to the continuous movement of airflows, your feet would remain free of sweat.      

As for the traction, the outsoles of Champion Men’s Inferno work quite well on the majority of outdoor courts. However, on the other hand, the grip of the shoe on the surface of indoor courts is not that great. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you only wear Champion shoe while playing in the outdoors to avoid potential incidents. Beyond that, the shoe is a reasonable investment with its straightforward design and study features.


  • Highly affordable
  • User-friendly layout
  • Deliver great supports


  • Mostly good for casual plays    
  • Less than ideal traction on hardwood surfaces

Shopping For The Best Value Basketball Shoes On The Market

Basketball players tend to have conflicting ideas about affordable basketball shoes but everyone agrees that there are issues to check before reaching the final decision. So if you are in need of the best basketball shoes with cheap price, you should keep the following criteria in mind.

  • Support  

In basketball, you move all the times: running, jumping, shooting… As a result, your feet face considerable strains on the court which is why you have to select basketball shoes that could offer sufficient supports. Overall, steer clear of models that seem unable to keep your feet in place as they might lead to ankle roll incidents in the match. In order to ascertain the support of shoes, check out the stiffness of the materials. The shoes must be stiff enough that you fail to bend them but not to the point that it restraint the movement of your feet.

  • Traction

Basketballers have to go back and forth during the length of a game so they need shoes that deliver traction. It’s pretty much impossible for you to maneuver on the court if your shoes keep slipping to no end. So to avoid getting yourself into a rather embarrassing situation, thoroughly assess the traction of shoes you want to buy.  Good cheap basketball shoes nowadays often utilize simple sole patterns but some incorporate aggressive styles.   In any case, it’s strongly recommended that you go for designs that support the natural shape of your feet.

  • Comfort

The performance of a particular basketball player relies heavily on his/her choice of shoes. It’s near impossible to play well if the shoes you wear on your feet cause you to feel uncomfortable. That is why while shopping for the basketball shoes  on the market, you should definitely consider comfort to one of your top priorities. For most of the time, it’s a good idea that you obtain shoes that fit tightly but still let you get on and off with ease in no time. Besides that, having come cushions would not hurt as they shield your feet from impacts.

  • Strength

While $100 is not a lot of money, you still need to grab something that is able to last for a fair amount of time on the court without breaking apart. A couple of products cut corners by employing cheap materials to keep the price low which means they would likely fail within a short time. Needless to say, you must stay away from such shoes. A quick way to determine the strength of particular basketball shoes is to go through customers reviews and see what other users have to say. You could eliminate many low-quality products using that method.

  • Brand  

Generally speaking, as long as you are certain that the pair of shoes you want to buy is of good quality, you don’t have to think about its brand. That being said, in most of the cases, it’s widely advised that you acquire your shoes from well-known names in the industry such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and so on if possible.  Whether you want cheap, good-looking basketball shoes or expensive, premium-grade ones, you must always check out product from reputable manufacturers first before moving on to lesser-known brands.

Securing The Best Deal Possible

  • Buy Shoes From Last Season

Similar to electronics, the cost of basketball shoes these kinds of days fall considerably after their successor hit the market.  Hence, if you are searching for the basketball shoes , you should glance over models from the last season. As time passes by, usually a year, shoes that are initially marketed at $200 might drop to half the original price. So you could get your hands on the best shoes simply by waiting.  In the case you like to hunt for old models, you should buy from big retail stores as a precaution.

  • Aim For Mass Clearance Sales

The idea is somewhat similar to waiting for the shoes you like to become outmoded. Every once in a while, FootLocker, Eastbay, ChampsSports,…offer highly attractive discounts of up to 20% to remove old stocks and prepare spaces for new models. If your timing is good, you could pick up the best shoes available for purchase at low prices. The principle is applicable to the majority of most men’s basketball shoes under $100 so keep an eye for mass clearance sales in your neighborhood.

  • Get Hold Of Discount Codes

To promote specific lines of models, attract more customers, commemorate an event,…manufacturers of basketball shoes as well as retail stores offer people discount codes. Using such codes, you would be able to buy shoes without having to pay the full price which quite useful for budget-minded basketball players.  Because most discount codes obviously expire after a certain time, you have to make up your mind before the deadline. The codes only work once so it’s essential to choose shoes that offer the best values on the market.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Question About Basketball Shoes And Associated Issues

  • What are the differences between normal shoes and basketball shoes?   

Shoes designed for daily life emphasize comfort while basketball shoes incorporate various features to handle the diverse needs of basketballers.  On the court, basketball players have to move from time to time which often involves a lot of explosive moments. As a result, basketball shoes boast a far stronger structure compared to ordinary footwear to endure the stress and protect the feet of the users. At first glance, it’s also simple to see that basketball shoes have a much thicker profile than normal shoes with reinforcement in multiple places.

  • Is it absolutely necessary for me to wear basketball shoes?

Some people claim that they feel comfortable playing basketball in shoes designed for entirely different purposes like jogging, trail running,… That is why there is an opinion among first-time basketballers that you don’t need to put on purpose-design shoes on the court. However, it’s worth noting that only basketball shoes have specific features that meticulously match all conditions of the sport. So if you wear shoes from other activities while playing basketball, it’s pretty hard to optimize your performance and the risk of accidents tends to be higher than usual.

  • How could I determine the best budget for basketball shoes?

It’s understandable that you think your budget might be a bit low for your first pair of basketball shoes. Nonetheless, you should be able to get decent models if you know what to look out for on the markets. One way to decide the amount of money to spend is to put together a list of features you want to have in your footwear.  Afterward, use the list to filter products that match your tastes, write down their costs and calculate the ideal budget. Normally, $100 is a rather good starting point for people that are new to the sport.

  • Should I own more than one pair of basketball shoes?  

In the case you are just an enthusiast that plays for fun, one pair of shoes is more than enough. You have no need to change between different shoes while messing around with your friends. On the other hand, if you play competitively as well, consider keeping on hand at least two pairs:  one for training and one for competitions. You need to train to refine your techniques but that would cause the shoes to lose traction after some time. Therefore, you should put aside one pair of shoes that you only use in matches.

  • What is the best way to clean most basketball shoes?

First, use a soft brush to remove debris inside out. Next, prepare a clean piece of cloth, soak it in warm soapy water and clean the surfaces of the shoes. Get the soles of the shoes out and wash over them using the same method. Finally, leave the shoes in a well-ventilated spot to let the materials dry properly. Whatever you do, don’t resort to hair dryers and similar tools in order to cut down the drying time. Excess heat might degrade the structure of the shoes so be careful if you don’t want to accidentally waste the best basketball shoes under $100.     

Buying Used Shoes: Is It A Good Idea After All?

As new basketball shoes hit the market, it’s no surprise that people often sell their old footwear to save up for the latest models. Because of that, you should be able to acquire shoes you like at fairly reasonable prices if you are willing to put on secondhand products.  In fact, by buying used shoes, you would have more money to purchase other basketball–related items that you need. However, many basketball enthusiasts frown upon the idea of getting pre-owned stuff, especially shoes. So let’s take a glance at the good and bad of used footwear.

The Good

Needless to say, the most prominent advantage of buying secondhand shoes is that you don’t need to set aside much money for the purchase. For most of the time, the cost of used footwear varies between 1/3 and 2/3 of their brand-new prices which let basketball players cut down expenses.  For example, you are searching for Nike basketball shoes under $100? If that is so, you only need to pay 50$ or lower if you decide to invest in pre-owned products. Such a saving is quite attractive to budget-minded basketballers who are short on funds.   

The Bad

In the best scenario, the used basketball shoes that you want to get barely see any actions so the quality of the materials is superb. Nonetheless, in the worst case, the shoes might be already worn out which mean the remaining playtime is extremely limited. Since you need something solid to play basketball, it’s generally unwise to wear a pair of shoes that near the end of its lifetime. The last thing you want to experience on the court is to see your shoes break apart all of the sudden on the basketball court.

As you likely obtain used secondhand shoes from someone and not official stores, it’s rather hard for you to complain successfully once accidents occur. Therefore, if you experience mishaps while wearing such shoes, you just have to endure them. Things could go in your favor in the case the previous owner kindly includes warranty papers but that rarely happens. All things considered, the absence of manufacturer support is common in trading pre-owned shoes. Keep that in mind before deciding your course of action.